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SHIPWRECK! Pirates & Treasure

Shipwreck photo

Open daily until April 30, this interactive exhibit brings real shipwreck treasures and the technology used to recover them to the Waterloo Region Museum. Find out what it's like to be a shipwreck explorer, the captain of a sinking ship, or a pirate on the run with hands-on activities including a robotic arm to pick up treasure and a hurricane simulator to challenge the storm.

Discover more than 500 priceless artifacts recovered from famous shipwrecks including real gold and silver treasure from thousands of feet deep. First time in Canada!

Video Tour of Exhibit

"Filled with interactive games and challenges, SHIPWRECK! allows visitors to experience the thrill of shipwreck exploration while investigating some of the world's greatest maritime stories," said James Jensen, Curator of Exhibits at the Waterloo Region Museum.

"We are excited to bring SHIPWRECK! to the Waterloo Region Museum. One of the museum's missions is to act as storytellers and recorders of the region's history, aspirations, achievements and disappointments. SHIPWRECK! presents the stories of shipwrecks, passengers, and artifacts once lost to the deep and now recovered and shared with the public through the exhibit," said Mark Gordon, Odyssey President and COO.

The pioneering techniques and technology that allow Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc. to discover and explore wreck sites around the world are showcased in this interactive exhibit. A full-size replica of ZEUS, Odyssey's eight-ton remotely operated vehicle which acts as the archaeologist's hands and eyes in the deep ocean, will be on display.Visitors can test their skills by attempting to pick up coins with a working model of ZEUS' robotic arm. SHIPWRECK! showcases more than 500 authentic shipwreck artifacts as well as hands-on interactive activities that are fun for the entire family. The exhibit was developed by Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc.

During exhibit the Waterloo Region Museum will host a special museum TALK called White Hurricane on the Great Lakes being given by Barbara Aggerholm on Monday, Feb. 10 at 1:30 p.m.

SHIPWRECK! Birthday Packages
Children can explore the Shipwreck exhibit and enjoy the many interactive activities this exhibit has to offer.  Also choose one of our two exclusive birthday captain activities!
Fee is based upon a 2.5 hour visit. Includes up to 15 children, 2 adults and 1 meeting room. The cost is $100.00 plus taxes. (not including food) Talk to one of our preferred caterers to meet all your catering needs! Call 519-748-1914 for details.

SHIPWRECK! Education Programs
Education programs are being offered to students in grades 3 to 6. Teachers are asked to visit the museum's website for more information about our education program.

Pirate Movies
Classic pirate movies are scheduled to play in the Christie® Theatre.

SHIPWRECK! Pirates & Treasure - Exhibit Highlights

Shipwrecks in History
Over the past 3,000 years of maritime expeditions, many of the mightiest ships have fallen victim to fierce storms, war and plunder. Delve into the intriguing accounts of some of the most famous shipwrecks throughout history by exploring the Shipwrecks Around the World interactive map. On your journey you will see some of these fascinating finds, including a 1600s wooden carpenter's folding ruler - the oldest of its kind ever to be discovered on a shipwreck! Among the other treasures on display is a rare mariner's astrolabe, one of less than one hundred on land today. As you pass through you will also marvel at an array of stunning artifacts from the 1600s to the 1800s.

Pirates at Sea
With all this treasure, there must be pirates! Explore pirate lore, legend and facts in this interactive exhibit. Create your own pirate and find out if you have the skills to tie sailor's knots or identify friends or foes at sea. You will also encounter some of the most infamous pirates that terrorized the seas including Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, Barbary Corsairs, Privateers and Buccaneers. A cannon from the 1700s from an unidentified shipwreck believed to be a xebec, the Barbary pirates' vessel of choice, is featured.

Odyssey's Discoveries
Pioneers in the field of deep-ocean exploration, Odyssey has discovered more shipwrecks in the deep ocean than anyone else. Share Odyssey's passion for history and archaeology and learn about their remarkable discoveries that have made world-wide headlines including the SS Republic, HMS Victory and SS Gairsoppa.

Journey to the SS Republic
Following the devastating Civil War in the United States, the 1860s were a time of rebuilding and innovation across America. The Republic set sail from New York heading for New Orleans with a stunning assortment of ceramic goods, bottled fare, religious items and elegant glassware intended to restock the shelves of Southern merchants. You will journey back in time, "traveling aboard" the Republic and reliving her final historic voyage by seeing the assortment of cargo she carried and learning about the passengers on board.

Steaming into a Hurricane
Smooth sailing can quickly turn perilous when strong winds blow in. Weather plays a significant role in creating and locating shipwrecks. Experience firsthand the high-powered winds that brought down the Republic and other famous shipwrecks as you step into the hurricane wind tunnels. Then try steering a ship through a ferocious storm!

The Search for the SS Republic
Diving into archives, libraries, old journals and maps, Odyssey researchers gather as much information as they can to put together the missing pieces of the puzzle and answer the questions, "Why did the ship sink?" and "Where is it now?"

Explorers at Sea
Sailing the high seas, armed with advanced technology and the world's leading shipwreck experts, Odyssey is opening up the last unexplored frontier - the deep ocean. Explore the cutting-edge technology Odyssey uses to conduct its groundbreaking discoveries by experiencing up close life-sized models of some of these cool tools. You can even operate ZEUS' robotic arm while attempting to recover coins.

Discovery 1,700 Feet Below!
Deep in the Atlantic Ocean, beyond the reach of human divers, Odyssey discovered the remains of the SS Republic - the greatest shipwreck of the American Civil War era. Immerse yourself in the high-definition underwater video to compare the artifacts 1,700 feet deep and lost on the ocean floor for more than a century, with those just a few feet in front of you. Odyssey conducted the first full archaeological excavation of a deep-ocean shipwreck using advanced robotics to recover over 14,000 priceless artifacts and 51,000 coins from this historic shipwreck. Here you can see a cross section of the items as they looked when recovered from the deep including a concretion of Civil War-era coins valued at more than one million dollars, ship equipment, tablewares from the 1800s, building supplies and even coal used to power the ship.

Preserving History
Lost to the ocean depths often for centuries, artifacts must undergo conservation that starts as soon as they are recovered to the surface. Odyssey's world-class conservation team explains the science of preserving history. Documentation is vital to preserving artifacts so come explore Odyssey's Virtual Museum - accessible 24 hours a day from any computer around the world. Little explorers can discover the world of conservation and investigate clues that help determine how to save artifacts from deteriorating.

Treasures of the Deep
Gold isn't the only treasure found on shipwrecks. This amazing discovery provides today's public and future generations a remarkable glimpse into life in the mid-1800s, including the societal trends, fashions and customs of the day. Delve into the many artifacts and lost treasure retrieved from the ocean depths and learn about the people who lived long ago through the objects they used, relied on and cherished in their daily lives including:

• Priceless personal items and everyday objects whose stories bring the past to life such as a delicate and unique porcelain inkstand depicting a mother and children, writing slates for students, and mid-1800 toothbrushes

• Game pieces, dominoes and a miniature child's ceramic tea set that open a window into entertainment of the day

• Delicate ceramic angels, holy water fonts and pressed glass candlesticks in the form of the crucified Christ that help illustrate religion's role in the post war South

• Containers of various magical remedies which promised to cure every ailment from constipation to diabetes with ingredients including alcohol and narcotics

• An interactive bottle wall showcasing more than 90 different colored and shaped bottles recovered from the SS Republic

Shimmering Gold and Silver
Nearly 400 pounds of gold and silver treasures are on display in the Treasure Room. Some of the most rare and unique coins from the SS Republic with historical details on their mint, significance and value are showcased. Authentic gold bars and coins from the 1622 "Tortugas" shipwreck are also on display. Read the vivid stories and history that highlight some of the different forms of money used in early America. The Gairsoppa operation resulted in the deepest and heaviest recovery of precious metal in history when Odyssey brought up more than 110 tons of silver in 2012-2013. The first bar ever recovered from the World War II-era Gairsoppa is on display along with two additional unrefined silver bars, silver grain produced during the refining process and a shiny .999 refined silver bar.

About Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc.
Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc. (Nasdaq:OMEX) is engaged in deep-ocean exploration using innovative methods and state of-the-art technology for shipwreck projects and mineral exploration. For additional details, please visit www.odysseymarine.com. Odyssey offers various ways to share in the excitement of deep-ocean exploration by making shipwreck treasures and artifacts available to the general public, students, and collectors through its webstore, exhibits, books, television, merchandise, educational programs and virtual museum located at www.OdysseysVirtualMuseum.com. The company also maintains a Facebook page at www.facebook.com/OdysseyMarine and a Twitter feed @OdysseyMarine.